“Slovian World” № 17 (2018year)

From archival sources

Ludmila Ivannikova. Katerynoslav province academic archival commission as a scientific center study of the folklore of Southern Ukraine 3
Alexey Nalepin. Kyiv, Moscow, Tokyo in fate Alexander Vanovsky (1874–1967) – one of the founders of the RSDLP: Russian revolutionary vs WASEDA University professor 28
Lydia Kozar. Maria Grinchenko and her manuscript collection proverbs and sayings in the history of Ukrainian folkloristics (to the 145th anniversary of the birth, the 90th anniversary of the death) 42
Tetiana Shevchuk. From the history of study Ukrainian folk dream book: a letter from Kateryna Hrushevska to Charles Gabriel Seligman (from the archive of the Royal Anthropological Institute Great Britain and Ireland) 57

Folklore aspects of modern Slavic studies

Novak Valyantsina. Elska’s wedding ceremony traditions and Karmyansk districts of the Gomel region: regional and local features 64
Alfyorava Alena. Semantics of living space in Belarusians and Ukrainian humorous songs 82
Koval-Fuchilo Iryna. Memory of the Holocaust in the memories of Ukrainian resettlers of the “Visula” operation (1947) 92
Humenyuk Olga. Crimean Tatar folk song in scientific research at the end of the 19th century – the first decades of the 20th century 103
Simonsen Michèle. La magicienne apprivoisée. Propos sur le conte de La Fille du diable (ATU 413) 126
Olga Trebyk. Character code of the cumulative tale: Goat 143
Olena Yarynchina. Military motifs in spring calendar-ritual song 157

Intercultural dialogue of Slavic studies

Ruda Tatiana. Maxim Rylskyi and Serbian culture 181
Humenyuk Viktor. Peculiarities of interpretation Yordan Yovkov’s drama «Albena»on the stage of the Zhytomyr Theater named after Ivan Kocherga 200
Del Gaudio Salvatore. Recent Changes in the Linguistic Landscape of Černihiv 214


Fedoruk Oles. Center for the study of life and creativity Panteleimon Kulish: challenges of time and directions of work 223
Britsina Oleksandra. A word about the famous German storyteller 231
Uther Hans-Jorg. Encyclopedia of fairy tales. Project of the century shortly before the end 234
Del Gaudio Salvatore. Scientific activity of Sante Grachotti (to the 95th birthday) 245
Kurinna Marina. Kateryna Megedyn. Author’s Hutsul songs 249


Lesya’s Musketік. A book about the essence and manifestations of political Ruthenism [review: Beley L. «Rusyn separatism». Nation formation in vitro. Kyiv: Tempora, 2017. 392 p.] 261
Vakhnina Larisa. Crimean Tatar folk song about love and its Ukrainian folklore and translation interpretations [ret.: Eshyl yaprak azden kyyrmyzy gul… – A red rose in green leaves… Crimean Tatar folk love song Poetic texts. Arrange, author introduction. articles by O. Humeniuk. Translated from Crimean Tatar by V. Humeniuk. Kyiv : Institute of art history, folkloristics and ethnology named after M. T. Rylsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2018. 329 p.] 271
Myroslava Karatsuba. Monograph of Marietka Golezh-Kauchich about the Slovenian ballad [review: Golež-Kaučič M. Slovenska ljudska balada. Folkloristični zvezki 2. Ljubljana : Založba, 2017. 444 p.] 277
Bulakhovska Julia. A new study folklore frontier [review: Vakhnina L. Folklorne border region: traditions and modernity. Collection of scientific works. Kyiv: IMFE named after M. T. Rylsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2016. 306 p.] 282

Congratulations colleagues!

Lesya Mushketyk 285
Mila Santova 287


Natalya Venzhinovych, Lyudmila Popovych. A quarter of a centuryof Belgrade Academic Ukrainian Studies 289
Galina Korbych. In the field of vision of researchers – the past of Galicia 314
Valentina Sobol. Presentation of next volumes encyclopedia «Scientific Society named after Shevchenko» 318
Mykytenko Oksana. Twelfth International Scientific conference «Dragomanivski studios» 323
Conference on language policy and legislation from November 15, 2017 (interview of Lilia Pasichnyk with Bohdan Azhniuk) 326
Vakhnina Larisa, Mykytenko Oksana. Wisdom from Maksym Rylsky 332
Vakhnina Larisa, Mykytenko Oksana. The European dimension of Ukrainian-Polish scientific cooperation 334
Myroslava Karatsuba. XVIII International Slavic Readings, dedicated to the memory of Academician Leonid Bulakhovsky 338
Vakhnina Larisa, Musketik Lesya. IX International Congress Ukrainianists 341
Vakhnina Larisa, Koval-Fuchilo Iryna. XVI International Congress Slavists 345
Koval-Fuchilo Iryna. International scientific conference «Memory, Identity, Holocaust. New scientific and methodical problems» 351
Myroslava Karatsuba. Croatian studies in Ukraine: a memorable date 353


Ivan Drach 355
Volodymyr Anikin 357

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