“Slovian World” № 19 (2020year)

Near the sources of Slavic cultures
Novak Valyantsina. Spring and summer rituals and songs Bragin district of Gomel region 3
Kastrytsa Alena. Folk beliefs of the inhabitants of the Bragin district of the Gomel region 21
Vasyl Balushok. Beliefs and rituals of the Sevryuks 37
Olena Chebanyuk. A year in the traditional picture of the world of Ukrainians: pragmatics and folklore semantics 64
Shalak Oksana. Ideas about the Rahmans and the Rahman Easter: genesis, dynamics of tradition 82
  Follkoristic aspects of modern Slavic studies
Mushketik Lesia. Ideas about sin and sinfulness in Ukrainian folklore 98
Koval-Fuchilo Iryna. Historical memory of the place: people and buildings (Yakhnyki village, Lokhvytskyi district of Poltava region) 131
Ludmila Ivannikova. Ukrainian political folklore: formation of a scientific and terminological base 156
  Inter-Slavic cultural dialogue
Myroslava Karatsuba. Snake/snake in folk beliefs and ballads of the southern Slavs 184
Tetiana Shevchuk. Legends about the church that «fell through the groun»in the context of Ukrainian-Jewish folklore contacts 203
Tetiana Brovarets. New folklore phenomena of the 20th century through the prism of Maksym Rylsky’s research 223
Lydia Kozar. Tadei Rylskyi and Ukrainian folkloristics (for the 180th birthday) 234
Mushketik Lesia. Istvan Udvari’s contribution to Ukrainian studies and Slavic Studies 270


Iryna Potapenko. New research on Bulgarian studies [review: Yakimova A. The Bulgarian period of the professor’s life Mykhailo Drahomanov. Kyiv: IMFE named after M. T. Rylsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2019. 280 p. 280
[rec.: Malash O. Bulgarian names of plants: linguistic and cultural dimension. Kyiv: Dmytro Burago Publishing House, 2020. 223 p.] 282
[Rec.: Bulgarian Ukrainian studies. Almanac. 2020. No. 9. 242 p.] 285
  Congratulations colleagues
Mushketik Lesia. Anniversary of the famous Bulgarian Ukrainian woman Lydia Terziyska 289
Vakhnina Larisa, Mykytenko Oksana. Conference from the study of folk song creativity (Vilnius, May 20–24, 2019) 282
Myroslava Karatsuba. Realization of the Ukrainian-Bulgarian project 300
Tetiana Brovarets. XIV International Scientific Conference «Chinese civilization: traditions and modernity» 304

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